Sunday, August 16, 2009

The McC Family

Such fun kids to work with!!! I took so many photos, it was hard to pick favourites. So, here are just a few. Thanks Chelsea for letting me hang out with your cute family!
These photos look grainy here but they aren't in real life. Not sure why they are posting that way. Any constructive comment is welcome. Mean comments will be ignored :)


Chelsea said...

Thanks Jacynthe. They turned out great! I'm really happy with them. You did such a great job and made it fun for the kids. Thanks for sharing your talent!

zilinski said...

Jacynthe, Once again you are amazing! These pictures are fantastic. You are incredibly talented with the camera.

Edna said...

Wow, aren't they a gorgous bunch of kidlets, you did a great job capturing them in the natural setting!

Melissa said...

Jacynthe, These photos are so beautiful!!! That sunflower location is adorable! I will be giving you a call tomorrow to schedule for pictures if that is okay.

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