Thursday, September 10, 2009

The T Family

This is the largest group I've photographed and they were awesome to work with! 
I am a bit frustrated with Blogger as these look very grainy and they aren't in real life.  I am no computer geek.  Hoping I can figure this out soon  :(
Thanks Monica for letting me hang out with your family! Hope you all enjoy these!


Genevieve said...

love all the pictures! way to go on such a big group!! so about the grainy pics- i've been having this problem too and my friend danica (and neighbor!) was telling how she finally solved this problem and wrote it all out and posted it it on her photo blog. so if you're interested, you can read it here-

i haven't gotten that free action yet but i'm planning on trying it this weekend! hope this helps- again i love these pics!

zilinski said...

Jacynthe, Once again fabulous photos ~ groups and individuals. You are talented! Can you tell me where the ones of the whole group were taken? That's such a lovely water feature.

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